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Gardening is the knowledge and technology of research in fruits, vegetables, geology, green spaces of parks and parks, and the environment as well as the use of horticultural products in the food industry.

Gardening is the science of planting ornamental plants, medicinal plants, and fruit trees, and green space design or landscape engineering is a branch of Gardening science that is presented in the master of gardening.

With the development of urbanization, it seems necessary to pay attention to the planting of ornamental plants in cities as well as their beauty.
Gardening is the activity, art, or growing of plants. Gardening is carried out around people’s homes and housing in a place called a garden or garden. Gardens are more clingy to or near residential areas, or around towns and villages.

Gardens are also built in courtyards or on the streets, but may sometimes be built on rooftops, forehands, avionics, flowers (flowerboxes), or lighthouses (patios).

Vegetables have numerous properties that are essential for the human body. This plant contains the necessary vitamins, and minerals and even some of them have proteins that the human body needs.

This vital food can be provided by developing and generalizing vegetables both extensively and in the gardens of homes. Any person unfamiliar with the method that is said can somewhat consider the correct principles of vegetables, including planting and planting and take action to cultivate them.

Note that vegetable planting should be done in a shade-free environment, otherwise it will not produce a positive result, because these plants need plenty of sunshine. Vegetable planting is done through.

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