Best Tree Pruner of 2024 for Your Yard

There are many different types of pruners out there on the market that claim to hold the top spot in good quality. But that may just be a sales gimmick, and many times over, they were proven to be wrong.

But what is it you need from a pruner and what makes it be better than the average pruner. In this review, we have a look at what you need in a pruner to keep your garden in top shape.

Best Tree Pruner Reviews

#1 Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Telescopic Tree Pruner

You get a durable and robust pruner that is functional and very easy to use for many different pruning applications.

Review: The blades of this pruner are made from high-quality materials that will make it strong enough to cut effortlessly through the branches.

It will stay sharper for much longer with the great quality carbon steel the blades are made of as well.

It is very easy to use, and you do not need a steep learning curve to learn how to use the pruner at all. This feature makes this pruner great for the entry-level pruner as well as for the more experienced pruners out there.

The pruner itself will very easily cut through branches of up to 30 millimeters thick for fast and no time wasting pruning sessions. So you will not spend a lot of time on stubborn branches to be cut off from the rest of the tree.

For most heights, you will not need to use a ladder when it comes to pruning the standard garden with this pruner. The telescopic arm of the pruner makes this possible and can reach heights of up to 10 feet for easy pruning.

That is also the extent of the reach of this pruner, and for higher than that, you will need a ladder. Furthermore, the saw attachment of this pruner will also not always stay in place when you use the pruner.

What We Like

  • High-quality steel blades
  • Can cut up to 30mm branches
  • Simple to use
  • Can be adjusted to different lengths

What We Didn’t Like

  • The saw attachment is not the best quality
  • Can only reach up to 10 feet

#2 Corona LR 3460 Long Reach Cut ‘n’ Hold Pruner

You get a durable and very good looking pruner that is also versatile and easy to use by anyone out there.

Review: This pruner is very easy to use and can be used by just holding it one hand for a smoother operation. This means you can hold the pruner in one hand to cut while controlling the other branches with the other hand.

With this pruner, you can easily get to those hard to reach branches that are too stubborn to be cut off with a normal pruner. It will reach from the very low branches of small bushes to quite high up where you usually cannot reach.

You get a very strong blade that is made from high-quality carbon steel to cut through those stubborn branches easily. The very strong and sharp blade will also stay sharp for much longer to allow a hassle-free pruning.

The cut and hold feature will allow the pruner to keep hold of branches until you cut through them. This allows for the other hand to be free for other uses to make your pruning quick and easy.

You can, unfortunately, not reach very high with this pruner, and you might need to use a ladder for higher pruning. Furthermore, it will not cut through the thicker branches, and that will force you to use a pruning saw to cut thicker branches.

What We Like

  • Easy to use, even for beginners or teenagers
  • It will easily reach hard to reach places
  • A strong blade
  • Cut and hold feature

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not a very high reach
  • Does not cut through branches thicker than half an inch

#3 Fiskars 7.9′-12′ Extendable Tree Pruning Stik Pruner

This is a strong and nice looking pruner that is made with convenience and durability in mind for all pruners out there.

Review: This pruner from Fiskars is very easy to use and is great for the entry-level pruner for a great learning experience. It also comes with the cutter as well as the saw blade attached to the pruner for easy usability.

With a quick-release hook included, it will allow for easy and fast pruning of almost everything in the garden. This means you will not need an extra pair of hands to get the pruning done in no time.

The power lever that comes with the pruner from Fiskars allows for easy cutting of thicker branches without much effort. This will help to get the pruning done in the fastest time ever to leave you with time for your other gardening chores.

With a reach of up to 12 feet with this pruner, you will not need a ladder to get the job done. That means all those unwanted branches will be cut away in no time from top to bottom without a lot of sweat.

Unfortunately, the lever-action that makes this a great pruner is also its weakness and is of mediocre quality that may fail easily. And you also pay quite a lot for this pruner, which is quite more than the average price of a pruner.

What We Like

  • Easy to use for cutting
  • A quick-release hook is included
  • Power lever for easy cutting
  • Has a very long reach for tall branches

What We Didn’t Like

  • Very high priced compared to similar models
  • Lever action not that good quality

Final Say

The easy winner in this pruner line up is Fiskar’s very long and extendable pruner to keep the garden in top shape. It comes with almost all the features you need to make the pruning easier and much quicker without a ladder.

A short head behind that one is the Spear and Jackson tree pruner that comes with great features but is a bit shorter. However, it comes with quite a lower price tag attached to it to make it affordable for more people out there.

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