Can a Half Dead Tree be Saved

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When are Carrots Bad

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How Does Compost Bin Work

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How Does Grass Spread

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How far Apart to Plant Arborvitae

Emerald Green Arborvitae is a shrub with dark green leaves that have a unique textured surface. It is also the perfect plant for planting close together in a small space! If you are looking for privacy, this plant is the perfect choice for your yard! Designed to grow indoors, this plant is ideal for those … Read more

How to Remove Bushes and Roots

Up until now, removing a shrub is a tough job. If you want to be able to remove the shrub fully, you need to cut it for you to be able to expose the needed stump. Once the stumps are exposed will make it easier. You might need to cut the stumps that are hidden. … Read more

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Can Sunflowers Grow in Shade

Sunflowers are meant to be planted in the early springtime when they receive enough sunlight. However, if you find yourself with a patch of sunflower seeds that aren’t doing as well as you’d like them to, there might be an easy solution – plant them in semi-shade! In late spring and summer, sunflowers won’t need as much … Read more