What to Plant Along Fence Line

Don’t worry about What to Plant Along Fence Line. Flowering bushes and smaller flowers are great options for a fence line garden. Planting small bushes and flowers along the fence will draw the eye and add vibrant colors to the border of your yard. If you are looking for color in the garden, consider using flowering … Read more

How to Dry Lemon Grass

Lemongrass is the grass that’s commonly used in Asian cooking. Here are tips on How to Dry Lemon Grass preserve and store it so you can use it all year round! Mexican-Style Pulled Pork This slow cooker Mexican-style pulled pork is an easy dish to make with a combination of flavors. The pork is cooked in a … Read more

How to Get Rid of Grass Clippings

One Great Way To Get Rid Of Your Grass Clippings Is To Add Them To Your Compost Pile As long as you have some grass clippings to add, your compost pile will be bursting at the seams with nutrients. There is a simple science to creating a healthy and sustainable compost bin. Here you can read How … Read more