When to Cut Gladiolus Back

Gladiolus plants need to be cut back but not to the ground. Gladiolus plants that have been clipped back before reaching about 4 feet tall will produce a greater quantity of flowers and new foliage. Cutting back is a good idea for many reasons. The plant will grow and flower faster, it will grow more … Read more

How does a Seed Germinate

Those who garden know well how hard it can be to get seeds to germinate. Sometimes, you’re just not in the right place at the right time. However, with a little knowledge of how specific factors such as moisture, oxygen, and temperature play into the germination process, you’ll be able to maximize your chances to … Read more

How to Fix Clay Soil

One of the oldest and most important aspects of gardening is How to Fix Clay Soil by adding organic matter to your soil in order to add nutrients. Organic matter, like those found in compost, can improve the health of your plants and increase the overall quality of your garden. In this blog article, you’ll find out … Read more

Why is Composting Good for the Environment

Composting is one of many methods to reduce your ecological footprint. From saving water to benefitting the environment, composting has a lot going for it. In this article, learn how composters can benefit from composting and Why is Composting Good for the Environment. Composting is one of many methods to reduce your ecological footprint. From saving … Read more

How to Grow Lettuce from Scraps

Not sure what to do with your old lettuce? Here’s a simple and easy way to use it again! More: how to grow lettuce from scraps. Turning fresh lettuce from your garden or market into a delicious salad is really easy, but the reality is that you won’t get as much use out of it … Read more

When to Put Manure on Garden

When it comes to adding organic matter and nutrients to your garden, fall is the most common time of year for doing so. Just like with any other type of soil, you need to feed your vegetable garden when it’s at its lowest point of nutrients. When to Put Manure on Garden, it will help give … Read more

How to Get Rid of Powdery Mildew on Squash

Powdery mildew is a plant disease that occurs when the fungus spores grow on the leaves of your squash plants. The fungus spreads through wind and water but sometimes it can also spread from one plant to another if the insects are carrying spores on their wings and landing on a new plant. Powdery mildew … Read more

What to Plant Along Fence Line

Don’t worry about What to Plant Along Fence Line. Flowering bushes and smaller flowers are great options for a fence line garden. Planting small bushes and flowers along the fence will draw the eye and add vibrant colors to the border of your yard. If you are looking for color in the garden, consider using flowering … Read more

How to Dry Lemon Grass

Lemongrass is the grass that’s commonly used in Asian cooking. Here are tips on How to Dry Lemon Grass preserve and store it so you can use it all year round! Mexican-Style Pulled Pork This slow cooker Mexican-style pulled pork is an easy dish to make with a combination of flavors. The pork is cooked in a … Read more

How to Get Rid of Grass Clippings

One Great Way To Get Rid Of Your Grass Clippings Is To Add Them To Your Compost Pile As long as you have some grass clippings to add, your compost pile will be bursting at the seams with nutrients. There is a simple science to creating a healthy and sustainable compost bin. Here you can read How … Read more