How to Repot your plant

Have you ever been frustrated with your plant not thriving? If so, read this article to learn how to repot your plant! The article discusses the process step by step, as well as provides links for further reading. The process of repotting a plant is very simple. This article will explain how to do it! The Importance … Read more

How to keep Houseplants Alive

For many, houseplants are a mainstay of interior design. They can also be a tricky craft to keep alive. In this blog post by Gardening Scan, find out How to Keep Plants Alive and well! Are you in the market for a new houseplant? Have you yet to find one that fits your home design and … Read more

What do You Put on a Tree when Large Branch Breaks off?

If you’ve been working the yard this summer, you probably know that the trees in your backyard are recovering from last year’s harsh winter. This means that they’re likely feeling a little sore and banged up. But before you rush out with your green thumb to heal the cut on their bark, there are a … Read more

How to Preserve Green Leaves

With the season rapidly approaching, now is the time to seek out ways How to Preserve Green Leaves. Here are three quick and easy methods to accomplish this feat – laminating, coating in wax, or soaking in glycerin. Laminating leaves is the most common way people do it, and as long as you use a laminator … Read more

Why do Plants Need Soil

Whether you have a long row of flowers or acres of fields, the soil is an element that gives plants what they need to grow. Detective Le Plant is searching for secrets in the soil. Educate yourself with this blog post on soil and what it does for plants. Veggies Grow Faster In Containers The … Read more

How to Get Rid of Flies in House Plants Naturally

So you have a fly problem, and now you want to know how to get rid of flies in House Plants Naturally. It can seem unusual at first, but it’s a common problem for many plant owners! What Causes Flies to Hunt Other Insects in Potted Plants? Flies and other insects are attracted to a plant … Read more

How to Use a Compost Bin

If you compost anything, you can turn it into a nutrient-rich fertilizer that your plants will love. You’ll learn how to use a compost bin in this article, which is one of the most valuable pieces of gardening equipment you’ll ever own. Compost is a natural fertilizer that’s made by breaking down organic matter from … Read more

Should Succulents be in Direct Sun

Succulents love to be watered, but if you want to give them a drink every once in a while, use rainwater. Just fill a spray bottle with water and let it sit outside for as long as you need to get a good amount of rainwater, then use that rainwater to water your succulent. We … Read more

Can a Half Dead Tree be Saved

The best way to save a tree is You might put it in a bucket of water, mist it with water every day, or put mulch around the edge of it. But what if the tree has been dried out completely or is half dead? Can a Half Dead Tree be Saved? One way to revive … Read more

When are Carrots Bad

Carrots are vegetables that have been bred and grown for the purpose of being eaten. However, they can go bad over time, which can make them too hard to use and be put to waste. In this article, you’ll find out When are Carrots Bad how to avoid this from happening, and keep your carrots in good … Read more

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